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When the Wind Turns

An Animated Film by Elena Madrid

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This is the story of a man who is fed up with living in the city among thoughtless neighbours and noisy passersby. One day he pulls the plug on his life in the city and sets out to sea in search of peace and quiet. Presently he comes to a beautiful uninhabited desert island. In a series of unpredictable events he ends up having to pack his bags again and again as he discovers that no matter where he goes his paradise is always lost.

In the end he decides that only the open sea can guarantee an undisturbed existence. That is until he finds himself washed up on a faraway shore...

Technical Specifications
Duration 5'40 minutes, format 35mm, colour, without dialog
Year of Manufacture
Writer & Director
Elena Madrid, Fragola Design
Elena Madrid, Moïra Scheidegger
Elena Madrid, Gabriela Maier, Lynn Gerlach, Moïra Scheidegger
Colouring & Clean Ups
Gabriela Maier, Moïra Scheidegger
Character Design
Elena Madrid
Film Editing
Fee Liechti, Stefan Holaus
Stefan Holaus
Music & Foley Artist
Damian Zangger
Sound Mixing
Christoph Flueler, Klangfaktur Sound Studio
Laboratory & Mastering
Ruedi Schick, Swiss Effects
Editor at SRF
Catherine Ann Berger
Susann Wach Rózsa

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